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Preparing Fleece
Preparing Fleece To Sell
Woolfest have produced a leaflet describing how to present your fleece in the best way to attract buyers. It contains information about skirting the fleece, removing dags, and storing the fleeces.
The Natural Fibre Company has guidance notes about shearing and quality of fleeces.

Washing Fleece
There are several good tutorials on the internet about how to wash fleece.
Here's a few:
www.woolfest.co.uk/animals/fleece-sale.htm - leaflets about washing and sorting fleece

Health and Safety Precautions
Even if a fleece looks clean, it may contain dirt, grease, faeces, urine, and chemicals. Always wear gloves when handling raw (unwashed) fleece. Always wash your hands thoroughly after touching any fleece. Never store fleece near foodstuffs or where children can handle it.
The Association of Guilds of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers discourages the use of raw fleece at public demonstrations or workshops. In public situations, place signs warning the public not to touch the fleece and to wash their hands thoroughly before eating.
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